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Underwater diving

Underwater diving is an activity that has fascinated people for as long as we have existed. Our blue planet consists of more than 70 % water, as well as the human body, so perhaps it is an innate fascination for life and humanity. Not everyone likes the idea to soar underwater, but most of us wish to at least try it. On holidays many of us spend hours with a mask and snorkel, enjoying life below sea level. The next thing to try is scuba diving which allows you to breathe through an oxygen mask and stay deeper underwater for as long as there is oxygen in the tubes.

Scuba diving 

Scuba diving is the most popular form of underwater diving and with today's modern equipment it is both easy and comfortable. It is also a much safer sport now than it was when it was first introduced in the 1950's, and one that many have tried. Some of us have fallen in love with scuba diving and devote all our holidays, or even our careers, so life underwater.

Scuba diving around the world

There is a lot of different types of equipment for scuba diving, depending on where and when you intend to dive. If you are diving in the shallow waters of Thailand or the Maldives, close to shore, you don't need a lot of the extras, just the scuba gear and your swim suit. But if you want to dive in freezing temperatures with low visability, or on great depths, the game changes and the security measures you will have to take to make your sport safe, increase drastically.


Gear and accessories

In the gear department of any serious dive shop you will find things like wet suits and dry suits, gauges, BC's, fins, dive computers, masks and diving regulators.

When you have your gear in place you will start glancing towards the accessories department where you will find things like torches, cameras, underwater tools and weapons, dive watches and endless more. It is up to you, and the conditions in which you will dive, to decide what to invest in and what to leave out.

What is certain is that there is no place on earth more peaceful than the one below surface level.


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